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so who

Am I?

My days are spent crafting graphic design for company's of all sizes.

As a seasoned creative professional, I’ve held senior roles in design agencies, worked solely, as part of a team for a leading UK specialist chocolate confectioner, and have embraced the challenge of mentoring and motivating junior designers, sharing with them my knowledge, experience and guidance.  I have a wealth of experience with photo art direction including the preparation of product, packaging, labelling and re-badging a sports car for a high street lenders photo shoot and have presented concepts to the Board of a leading energy company.

With a proven track record for translating ideas into reality, on time and within budget, I am delighted when client expectations have been exceeded and as a result I have a great working relationship with a number of local businesses.




Taking pride in having a career that began using an airbrush, Letraset, drawing boards and repro cameras to produce design and pre-press artwork for clients that included Boots, JCB and British Midland, I now work proficiently with the Adobe Creative Suite on the mac, yet still use those honed visualising skills to effectively communicate ideas and discuss concepts.


We live in a fast-paced world, and where working schedules leave little time for meetings, I also use the Cloud to upload concepts and pre-press artwork to seek approval...all of which can be done on the move from handheld devices. 

I pride myself on getting to know a new client and what their aspirations are for their business, so that I can spend time doing a little market research before putting pencil to paper. Presenting an idea that is met with excitement and praise, is why I love what I do.


You're welcome to visit my testimonial page, where you can discover a little insight in to what my clients have very kindly taken the time to say.

Rob Francis - Graphic Designer
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